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Ceiling installation Krugersdorp

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Ceiling installation Krugersdorp

Dusted Ceilings & Partitions has been delivering customized ceiling installation Krugersdorp and surrounding-based businesses for over a 6 years . We have worked with different businesses across every industry to provide specialist ceiling services to meet the needs of our clients.  We believe that every assignment is different and as such, every ceiling that we’ve ever installed is crafted in exceptional workmanship and individuality .Undertaking commercial ceilings work require amount level of skill and expertise.  We understand the importance of sticking to deadlines and the negative implications that delays will have on your business.  That’s why at Dusted Ceilings& Partitions, we only work with the best of the best..  Our team of trained and highly experienced tradesmen will ensure that your project remains meets deadlines and is delivered to the highest of quality and standards.

Ceiling installation Krugersdorp

As one of Krugersdorp most reputable Ceilings installer, we are the specialist ceiling services provider for many Krugersdorp and surrounding builders and developers.  We believe that each home should exude its own sense of personality and as such, crafting a home’s uniqueness should start with its ceiling.  A quality ceiling is the main structure of every home and provides not only the shelter you need, but also plays a major part in establishing the aesthetics of a home.  

Contact Dusted Ceilings & Partitions to allow us to understand the personality that you would like to create for your home and how we can help you to achieve this. We’d like to hear from you soon .

suspended ceilings

Choose Dusted ceilings for a wide array of suspended ceilings in a range of colors, styles, and textures. Suspended ceilings allow space for good lighting, power cabling and air conditioning. They are appropriate for modern workplaces. we offer the installation of suspended ceilings across Johannesburg and Pretoria. We also provide ceiling repair and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial spaces.

bulkhead ceilings